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[paragraph][dropcap1]G[/dropcap1]lass Ceiling Communications is an independent, full-service agency that puts the benefits of corporate marketing and communications within reach of the small business owner. We are skilled across strategic, creative, and technical disciplines—providing clients with a full arsenal of resources to conquer even their greatest business challenges. From page, to screen, to personal interaction, we craft powerful messages and deliver them flawlessly across channels. Small in size and diverse in offerings, Glass Ceiling Communications is uniquely positioned to deliver scalable programs for every budget. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Glass Ceiling Communications was founded in 2008.[/paragraph]

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[image position=”left” title=”Lauren Black Parkin” border=”smallBorder” url=”http://glassceilingonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/LBPHeadshot-e1354557784470.jpg” width=”225″ height=”322″/] Lauren Black Parkin, Founder and Lead Consultant at Glass Ceiling Communications, has more than a decade of experience driving revenue growth and bolstering market share for small businesses across verticals. She has a deep understanding of the unique needs of the small business and how to meet them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lauren’s “hands-on” expertise spans the entire marketing spectrum across functions and media. While she specializes in marketing technology to highly regulated verticals, such as financial services and life sciences, Lauren also has years of experience consulting to a diverse base of small business clients. In addition to her executive experience, Lauren has an extensive background in journalism that lends perfectly to content development. She spent many years as writer and editor for publications in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York City.

Lauren earned a Master’s degree in Journalism from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising from Temple University, where she was the editor of the student newspaper. An avid reader with a keen interest in current events, Lauren lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband Scott, daughter Jordan, and canine son Champ.

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